CBD Orange Blossom Marshmallows

Curious about baking CBD or THC? Me too! Join me in discovering how to infuse Cannabinoids to home baked goods. This is the first of many (hopefully) recipes that I'll be sharing with you. 

Let's start with something simple - homemade marshmallows. Super easy to make and relatively simple infusion. I've been obsessed with Orange Blossom water lately and I really want to capture the essence of spring in these mallows. The CBD oil I used for this recipe has Limonene (major component in the oil in citrus peels) which I think fused beautifully with the orange blossom flavour. 

Before you start any baking, it's important to understand that:

  1. CBD will not get you high unlike THC.
  2. Calculating how much oil to infuse on the recipe depends on how many milligrams you would like to infuse per serving (per square of mallow). And using this number, you can then calculate the total amount to add to the whole recipe backwards. 
  3. Whether you are working with CBD or THC, it's important to start with a small amount per serving first to avoid hurting yourself. 

OK let's get this series started! We are using 3 ml of CBD oil (from a 30 ml bottle of 350 mg) for this recipe which will yield 16 squares of marshmallows with 2mg of CBD per square. This is considered a very small amount of CBD per square which is recommended when you are new at infusions and/or new with using CBD. You can always just eat more than 1 square if you prefer a larger dose. 

CBD Orange Blossom Marshmallows


3/4 cup Granulate Sugar

4 tsp Gelatine

1/2 cup White Corn Syrup

1/4 + 1/2 Cup Water

1/2 tsp Orange Blossom Water

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp Salt 

Powder Sugar for dusting

3 ml of CBD oil (use the dropper to measure)

Optional: Peach Gel Food Colouring


How to:

*You're going to need an electric mixer for this recipe. 

  1. Before starting the process, use shortening or a cooking oil spray on a 9x9 square pan. After spraying, line the pan with parchment paper to prevent the marshmallow from sticking. 
  2. In a bowl, bloom the gelatine by mixing 1/4 cup of water with the gelatine. Mix well and set aside. 
  3. While the gelatine is blooming, mix granulated sugar, 1/2 cup of water, corn syrup, and salt in a pot. Stir until well incorporated before turning on the stove on medium high heat. Bring the mixture to 240-250 degrees F. It took mine about 5 minutes. Remove from heat once it reaches 240 degrees. 
  4. Using your electric mixer, slow pour the sugar mixture into the gelatine mixture. Be careful not to get the sugar outside of the bowl. Once the gelatine has been incorporated in the sugar mixture, turn the electric mixer to the highest setting and mix for 2 minutes. 
  5. When the mixture has cooled slightly (after 2 minutes of mixing), add the orange blossom water, CBD oil, vanilla extract and gel colour (if using). Continue mixing on high until the mixture has aerated, turned opaque white, and stiffens. Typically around the 10 minute mark. 
  6. Pour your marshmallow into your prepared pan and spread evenly. *You can spray your spoon or spatula with cooking oil spray or coat with shortening to prevent the marshmallow from sticking. 
  7. Let the marshmallow cool at least 5 hours. Once cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar to prevent from sticking and slice 16 squares. You can also use a small brush to get rid of extra sugar on the mallows. 
  8. Store on airtight container. Enjoy!